New Android User from iPhone--Please Help!


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Feb 23, 2011
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Hi all,

I just recently bought a Samsung Captivate on Amazon and have been playing around with it for the past few days. The user experience is vastly different and in depth compared to my old iPhone 4.

However, I have run into some problems and have a few questions I would like to ask because it's killing the experience a bit, so any help is greatly appreciated!

First and foremost, what are the "must have" apps, widgets, and customizations? A lot of the games and such are available on Android so that's a plus, but where do I go from there?

Continuing that line of thought, how do I get rid of the At&t bloatware apps on the phone, is rooting it the only way?

Secondly, battery life. It's horrible. I can't get through half a day's moderate usage without needing a charge. Brightness is at zero and I have haptics, animated wallpapers, wifi, etc. turned off. I've been using an App Killer as well but the help is minimal. (My roommate suggested I download a GPS toggle, but I haven't used the phone enough to tell if it helps)

Finally, should I root the phone and get Froyo or should I wait for an official update? I'm on 2.1 and this my first experience so I don't know if I'm missing out on something special.

Sorry if it's a bit much, I'm just trying to "dive in" with this new platform, especially since I'm a bit behind the curve! Thanks for all of the help!


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Nov 16, 2010
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First off I would definitely root. I was hesitant at first but its the best way to mod device and only way that I know of to remove bloat. All of the forums are very helpful with getting this done. Don't wait for froyo root and load one of the leaks found, as a fellow sanding owner they haven't been too prompt with the froyo updates.

As for widgets I like beautiful widgets and there are tons of Apps out there, sure you will find a lot of the same apps that you saw on urn iphone 4. Once rooted grab wireless tether or barnicle if you need that.

Otherwise feel free to go through all the apps and other forums to find out what else you can do.

Hope this helps.

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Dec 29, 2010
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Welcome to the forums!

Don't have any specific advice for the cappy, but I do know my brother in law hated his until he rooted and loaded a leaked froyo rom...after that he became an android evangelist...eventually I'd heard enough and had to check it out for myself. One thing led to another... ;)

Definitely check out the captivate subforums, lots of info and help here, as well as extremely helpful people!

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