New Gboard resize tool makes the Motorola Razr Plus cover screen a lot better

Mr. Lucky

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Jul 25, 2023
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This "fixes" a non-existent problem. The Send button is only obscured on the outer screen when you have the separate Number row enabled above the QWERTY row, Even without the separate Number row, the keyboard is still more user friendly than iPhone, since you can access numbers by long-pressing the appropriate key in the QWERTY row. There is another issue with this keyboard when used with clamshell profile phones like the RAZR+ mentioned in the article:
  • If you shrink the keyboard height, it shrinks on both screens. This defeats one of the major advantages of flip phones with an external screen. That is, you have a smaller but still usable outer screen when you need it, or a roomy full-size screen when you want it. By shrinking the keyboard on both screens, you lose the advantage of the inner screen real estate. They really need either a separate keyboard version for clamshell phones or the ability to detect phone profile and then provide the appropriate settings.
Finally, the size feature is not new and is not limited to beta. I have it in the installed version of Gboard on my phone, version There are 7 size options in the app's settings:
  1. Extra-short
  2. Short
  3. Mid-short
  4. Normal
  5. Mid-tall
  6. Tall
  7. Extra-tall

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