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Mar 6, 2010
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Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I was a Blackberry user and then I ended up going to a prepaid service for awhile. Back in Jan I decided to get a new phone, went with the Best Buy rep's opinion and got me a Hero and have been happy for the most part, except for battery life.

Right now, I have Handcent, Task Killer, Pandora, A barcode scanner and Spare Parts installed, maybe one or two more that I am not thinking of.

I basically just found this site last night, and decided to register. I am not comforable enough to root or do any hacking to my phone at this point, but would love to customize it any way I can. Just in case it is not obvious, I am on Sprint (I only say that because i do not know who else has the Hero).

Andrew Ruffolo

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Jan 5, 2010
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Cellular south also has the CDMA hero. That one isn't rootable yet. I like my Hero, too. If you are on Sprint, there really isn't a nicer appealing phone for the big time user. The Moment has a better processor and, surprisingly, a nice keyboard, but isn't pretty on the eyes when it comes to android. Can't wait until 2.1, I'm rooted with a custom rom in the meantime. I just bought a seidio extended battery, and you can't beat it for battery life. Its big, bulky and hideous, but it gets the job done. Obviously, I don't care about the bulk (I may even paint the back cover to match better or add a custom look). I'm on day 2 of my first charge and its at 40% still.


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Jan 15, 2010
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I used to have the hero and I loved it as if I had a kid, I would not let it leave my site. Yeah it's a little weird, but watcha gonna do about it?

As for battery life, people would recommend you cycle charge it? If you don't know what that means, it's simply just letting the battery drain, you know like playing videos, taking a lot of pictures and anything battery consuming. When your battery is pretty much dead, just let it juice up and charge, it's sorta like "breaking in the boots."

I use Automatic Task Killer because it does what it says, saves me battery life. Its the app I had on the Hero too.

I'm not yet comfortable rooting my phone yet, just because it's my grey zone, and I dont have the time to do all that mumbo-jumbo. To each their own I suppose.

There are some threads on here though, that show you how you can customize the hero, and it beats the Moment UI wise.

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