New member and Android user!!


Dec 22, 2012
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Recently made the switch to Android and loving it..

Current Android devices are:

  • ASUS Padfone 2 with Padstation (64 GB HK model in black) - running JB 4.1.1
  • HiMedia Q5 Android TV box/media streamer - running ICS
  • ASK 755SP Android 7" tablet - running ICS (the wife's!)

Slowly getting the hang of things (coming from iOS).. the funny thing is that I previously had an iPhone 4S - which I was happy with. To me there wasn't that much difference or WOW factor to 'upgrade' to the iPhone 5 - but I was casually browsing a phone/tech shop in Hong Kong and stumbled across the ASUS Padfone 2 (which I hadn't even heard of before) and it blew me away!!.. awesome bit of kit and seemed like a logical buy as I was contemplating adding an iPad to my collection! :)

Anyway - hope to enjoy my time here and read up a bit to learn more about all things Droid! ;)