New T-Mobile phone...G2x, or something else?


Feb 10, 2011
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Looking for a replacement for my HTC G2. Currently has an Otterbox case with CM7 Nightly installed and overclocked to's not bad on battery life even with that (mainly since I don't use my phone that much), but I'd love something:
-Thinner (don't need keyboard)
-Faster (or as fast) without overclocking/battery loss - not for gaming or videos or whatever, but for simple responsiveness and whatnot
-Bigger screen

I'm currently on Simple Mobile, but with T-Mobile's new value plans, there's one that's $10 cheaper with everything I need. Another company (such as Sprint or Verizon) isn't an option simply because I don't want to pay more than $60 a month for a phone (500 minutes, unlimited messaging, and 2GB a month of data is enough for me).

Anyway, stuff I don't care about:
-Camera quality, since I have a nice PaS camera and rarely use my phone for that reason
-Some phones having MHL, I'll barely use HDMI as it is
-Higher resolution screen, I can just lower the screen density and be set
-Sense/TouchWiz/etc., I highly prefer vanilla/CM7 Android
-Super light/thin/etc. - anything thinner/lighter than my G2 with case is fine by me
-Video codec support and whatnot - I hear Tegra can't display some videos unlike other CPU's, but I don't want much video (especially high-res stuff) so don't care too much
-3D - as much as I'd like it, my only option with T-Mobile would be one version of the Optimus 3D that would set me back about $550

That being said...any phone other than the G2x that I should consider (and why)? Also, any place I can get the phone cheaper than T-Mobile? Amazon Wireless sometimes has good deals on phones, but it doesn't even show the G2x as an option.


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May 23, 2010
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Right now in TMo, the G2X is right up your alley. It has everything you need based on what you are looking for.

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