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Dec 4, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central. You now belong to one of the largest internet communities that revolve around the Android Operating System. The scope of our forums is that of bringing you a welcoming atmosphere for you to ask or answer questions and discuss this wonderful pocket computer that we love.


First things first...
A good first stop in our forums would be our Introduction section. Our members look forward to seeing you introduce yourself. Speaking of which...

Meet Android Central's teams...
In the Introduction forum, you will see some stuck threads that will introduce you to our Moderator and Ambassador Teams. Our team of Moderators volunteer their time to help make the site run smoothly. The Ambassador team seeks out new users, helps answer questions, and writes informative guides on some common dealings with Android.

Rules and Forum Etiquette...
We have a simple list of Rules and Guidelines for all users to follow.

You're on the move...
We all are, but that doesn't mean you will miss the fun. We have a dedicated app in the Play Store to let you cruise the forums while on the go.

Something for everyone...
Our forums are divided into sections with many of the flavors of Androids you can think of. With OEMs like Samsung, Google, and Motorola, to name some of the common ones, to ASUS and ZTE, and many in between. If you are interested in purchasing, trading, or selling, check out the Marketplace, and don't forget to check out the Marketplace Rules along with our new Conditions Guide. We have a section for non-Android topics in the AC Lounge.

In closing...
And lastly, I would like to thank Future Inc, for making great content for us to read and discuss.
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