New to Android; Considering Xoom; Question accessing shared Windows drives


Feb 23, 2011
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Hi All,

I've never had a tablet before and I've never used Android for more than a few minutes. I have a Windows 7 PC and a Blackberry. I'm quickly resolving that I want to get a Motorola Xoom (Wifi, when it's available in Canada).

I read the Xoom user guide and I'm left with lingering questions. Can I access my PCs shared drives and printer over wifi (when I'm at home, of course) without an app? As in, is it native? Maybe this answer is not available yet, given that the Xoom and 3.0 are not out, but maybe insights can be gleamed from 2.2?

32 gig is decent storage but not a huge amount, so I want to be able to either access my data easily when I'm on my couch or transfer data as needed without having to always plug in to my computer. I can't put all of my media on the Xoom.

Also, and this may be a weird question, can I tether my Xoom to my Blackberry with bluetooth in order to take advantage of my BBs data?

Thanks for your insights! I look forward to officially joining the Android community.