new tricks to a very old dog


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Oct 4, 2012
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So I have been use my Tab2 for 2plus years daily.
Use nova launcher etc,
Just realized the Tabs could be personalized, like windows menus.
Did not realize we could add tabs etc.

Javier P

Feb 21, 2014
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Nice. Nova Prime is full of tricks. I'm an "old dog" as well and it's good fun learning new tricks. 😁

One of my favourites is defining an Activity when you swipe up on an icon. Maybe you've done it before, but just in case ... :)

I'll use Evernote as example but you can do the same with your main use of any app.

Press and hold on Evernote icon. Select edit - swipe action (none by default) - select Shortcuts - tap on Activities - scroll down and select Evernote - tap on "note composer new note" - confirm with the tick top left. Done.

Now when you tap on the icon, Evernote will open as usual but if you swipe up on it you'll go straight to compose a new note. Two actions for the same icon!

Using Activities you can create shortcuts to your most usual settings as well: battery stats, data usage, you name it.