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Mar 2, 2011
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Hi there,

I have just moved from an HTC Desire to this handset. I'm liking it so far but have a few questions about the basic functionality.

Firstly, on the Desire I could quickly set Silent / Vibrate on and off, and enable/disable Mobile Data by holding down the power button and choosing from the menu.

On the One X I just get the options to turn off, go into Airplane mode or Restart.

Are there any shortcuts to this?

Also, are there any shortcuts to turning on./off the auto-rotate screen feature? I have added a desktop widget, but wondered if there is a quicker way without having to exit the application I was in to drop back to the home screen.

Finally, are there any recommended apps for tracking what is using the battery so I can keep tabs on it?

Many thanks,



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Apr 21, 2012
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Yes I wondered the same thing. Coming from BB, you could turn off the mobile data but keep the wifi on but yes you are only have the airplane mode.

I havent hear of any shortcuts. If anyone can enlighten me to the shortcuts then please do.


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May 4, 2012
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Widgetsoid is a good (free) app that allows you to create your own widgets to do most of what you are looking for.

And since you mentioned that you were looking for something quicker than a desktop widget: through the advanced settings, you can place a Widgetsoid widget (of your own creation) into the notification tray. So if you are working/playing in a particular app, you just pull down the notification bar to reveal the tray with your widget/toggles, and then you can push the notification bar back up and you are again at your app.

Likely not a full solution to what you're looking for, but probably as close as you can get without rooting.

EDIT: Here is the Google Play Store link