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Sep 3, 2010
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Oh, tooooootally. But I worked at Nextel for four years if we count the Sprint time, so I need to narrow it down to just a few notables (and I'll stick to Nextel branded stuff).

LOVED TO SELL: the i860. Nextel's first camera phone took so long to land that by the time it actually came out, Motorola couldn't make them fast enough. I worked in Norfolk/VA Beach, so we'd get guys coming off the boats after deployments flush with cash and spending tons of dough on phones – and the i860 sold faster than any other device I can remember. Runner up was the i930, which had been delayed for so long it was basically legendary by the time it debuted (even though it wasn't a great device).

Also, loved selling BlackBerry devices of any kind ... because the commissions on those were nice. :)

HATED TO SELL: The i730, before it got fixed. When I started at Nextel the i730 was a buggy mess, with reception issues and hardware defects that made returns very common. Only the debut of the i730T helped that phone, and I had to convince skeptical buyers (who'd read about the 730's problems) that it was truly a better phone. Also, I remember having to warn people about the i830's dismal battery life ... but it was such a gorgeous device it sold anyway.

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