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Nexus 5 boot loop, Google logo, works only on cable


New member
Jan 25, 2017
Hello :)

I'm having problem with my Nexus 5 .
It started when I wanted to replace the battery. I have been replacing it in another nexus 5, done it gently, with plastic tools. And that's what happened - constant boot loop. Only thing that appear is white Google text, restart and over and over... nothing more (no android colorful text/logo) doesn't appear.

I tried tapping/flicking power button and then got it replaced, but that didn't help.

I can't power it on when it's not connected to the charger or PC. It doesn't even start looping when not connected via cable to anything.
While connected to charger/PC - on the bootloader screen I can go up and down using volume keys, but when i try to access "Recovery menu" it turns off and start looping. Even trying to use "power off" option makes it loop.

So I flashed it using factory image from google: 6.0.1 (M4B30Z, Dec 2016) (hammerhead-m4b30z-factory-625c027b). (tried other versions too)
I did it manually, didn't help . I also installed TWRP recovery img - didn't help.

Since it doesn't even react to power button on both batteries, is there some bigger hardware problem with a motherboard? A battery connector socket on motherboard is broken or something?


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Dec 4, 2012
Welcome to the forums. Since you have the same issue with different software, I would be inclined to agree there is something wrong with the hardware. You may be correct that the motherboard is faulty.

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