Nexus 7 equalizer / sound boost does not WORK! If anything, it does opposite! Help please


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Dec 25, 2012
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Hello everyone!
Merry Christmas!

I have a Nexus 7 32gb, and I am in love with it like anyone else should be.

However the only thing that frustrates me with the device, is making the sound louder! I have downloaded every music boost/ equalizer app there virtually needs to be named.
Sound boost, Volume+, Music Equalizer and like 50 others.

The problem seems to be that for every one I try to boost the sound with, it actually lessens the volume.
I am not an amateur with Google products at all, but I find it completely stupid if I had to root my tablet for this reason.

I have reset the tablet a few times to see if this would work, it did not. I have uninstalled every boost app I downloaded "Just so you can clarify , that there is not third party apps conflicting with one another".
Also, when the option is available, I select that specific app to take charge of the sound control volumes.
So there really is not much of another option, unless I am missing some thing here. I have searched and browsed for weeks on this matter, and finally I am coming to you guys.

So again!
1. I have downloaded all the 4/5 star apps I can find.
2. I did download each one separately to use.
3. Not one of these apps were installed at the same time. ( as well, when available, I selected the music controller from default to the selected app for full control)
4. The effects are opposite of what they are supposed to do on every single app, the sound gets dimmer, not higher when I use these. (Figures, after each uninstall, the default sound is louder.)
5. Yes I did reset my tablet, I think that is redundant to do anyways.
6. My Droid Charge which is on 2.3 works flawlessly with all the apps mentioned.

Please help with some ideas of your guys if you can.
Its not really a need, just an annoyance.

Thanks alot
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Aug 22, 2012
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I remember seeing that to get the better sound the only way was to flash the Beats Audio Drivers which requires root and I don't want to, I prefer stock JB. The sound issue is annoying, it's the only flaw i think the Nexus 7 has :(

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