Nexus 7 too cold to turn on?


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Mar 24, 2010
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Well I live in the Denver, Colorado area and it was pretty cold today my roommates always turn the heat off when they leave for work. When I got home from work today my Nexus 7 wouldn't power on I put it in a warm area since the heat in our place had been back on awhile. It took about ten minutes before it would power on. It was freaking me out a little because I just got this Nexus 7 I had an 8gb N7 before and never had this issue even on cold days.

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Dec 27, 2012
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Whats the last eight SN's ? I just got mine today and it would not charge at all, brand new! I bet your battery is bad. My last eight SN's is BC196809. Is yours close to that number?


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Oct 18, 2012
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Couldn't find any temp ranges for the N7, but did find a listing for the Nexus Q of 41? to 104? F (5? to 40? C)....

btw, I've read that turning the heat/ac off, as apposed to turning it down will cost most people more because of how long and hard the system has to run to get the temp back up/down. Harder on the equipment also...