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Nexus 7 with hot spot or as phone replacement?


New member
Apr 22, 2015
I imagine this has been asked more than once over the years, but I didn't find anything.

Currently, my phone is a Moto G on Boost Mobile. For a while now, I have wanted to replace it. I actually like the phone, but the storage space is so limited and not at all expandable. I can't put all the apps I want on it - I don't think I have extraordinary expectations as I have never had this problem in the past. I think it's the downside of the no-contract deal - I can't afford to shell out hundreds for the cost of a phone that would be rolled into the monthly bill if I was with Verizon or AT&T (and the contract carriers are not an option for me at this time). I had planned to wait until this summer when I have extra funds to buy a phone with a SD card slot.

Two problems with that... One, from what I am reading online, I might not be able to utilize the SD card to store apps, so I will still run into the same problems? And two, my daughter threw my phone and shattered the screen and it has since slowly deteriorated to the point that I can no longer see anything. I keep the phone charged and carry it with me because my car has bluetooth, so I can make a call if I'm desperate.

I purchased a 2GB add-on through Boost to use the phone as a mobile hotspot 2 weeks ago and started carrying my Nexus 7 around. I downloaded Mighty Text, so I was able to text and get online through the Nexus 7. 6 days into it, my router broke. I had been using wifi when I was at home, but I obviously couldn't do that anymore, so I managed to blow through the 2GB after 12 days. All the while, the screen on the phone got worse and worse and now it's impossible for me to even use it as a hotspot.

Now I am trying to decide what to do. I get paid tomorrow, so I can buy a new router, but buying a new phone is still something I have to wait on. For the time being, I will probably just use my Nexus at home and I can borrow a Boost flip phone so I can talk & text.

The question is, when I can afford it, should I buy another phone from Boost that is hotspot capable, use the Nexus 7 to compensate for the lack of storage space and hope that the 2GB is sufficient once I am able to use wifi at home?

Or should I try to use the Nexus 7 to replace my phone altogether? I could purchase an actual mobile hotspot device as well as (preferably pre-paid) data package and try to get by with Google Voice and some type of texting app that is independant of a phone? Is that even possible?

I know you all are probably more tech savvy than I am, but please go easy on me. I try to do things on my own, but I am stuck googling while I am at work and I have yet to find a real answer on this.

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! Not all devices allow apps to be moved to SD, and for those that do, only a portion of an app can be moved, so it doesn't necessarily free up a lot of space. There are also apps that just can't be moved at all. The best thing to do is to get a phone with as much internal storage as you can afford. 8 GB should be the bare minimum, and 16 GB would be preferable.

If you stick with Boost, my understanding is that you can't bring your own phone--you have to get a phone that they sell. You might want to consider looking for a used or refurbished mid-to-high range phone from a reputable dealer, and using that on a prepaid plan from someone like T-Mobile (which is pretty inexpensive). I've seen unlocked 16 GB 2013 Moto X's going for $199, which is a good deal for what is still an excellent phone: Motorola Moto X 16GB Smartphone for AT&T or Verizon (GSM Unlocked) | Groupon. That's a new phone, by the way--not a refurb.

You can get a decent router for <$20 that still supports wireless N, so hopefully that won't be too much of a problem. I wouldn't try to use the Nexus 7 as your phone. That will get cumbersome very quickly.

Good luck!