NFL Sunday Ticket proves to be quite popular on YouTube


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Jun 1, 2010
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I prefer the NFL app over NFL ST to stream games after they have aired in order to fast forward through commercials, and after a few hours, the commercials are edited out completely by NFL and the condensed games are available, which I like even more unless itsa super important game or my fav team I will watch the whole broadcast and fast forward between plays as needed. its $99 for the season, a helluva lot cheaper than Sunday ticket, I just cant stand to sit through live games anymore with all the commercials and delays and pay a lot more to do so. No thanks. Week 1 games were not playing back properly on my Shield, but it seems to have been corrected for last nights game. I do get that people prefer to watch live and/or for fantasy reasons and gambling, but no thanks. The main thing is to avoid spoilers until I watch my game...I've resorted to putting my phone on do not disturb and physically blocking the view of the score scroll of other games at the bottom of my screen. If one game is a dud, I switch to another. its great.
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