NightVision Mode (System wide red "Night mode" filter)

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Platform: Android

Language: Java

Goal: I'm looking to create an application that involves a button press that creates a "Night" mode. This "Night" mode will differ from the stock night mode in that it should remove all blue/green and only focus on the red spectrum, thus creating a red filter. Most objects would turn black, while the lighter objects would be in varies shades of red.

Problem: While my first thought, and the vast majority of suggestions for others has been to create multiple layout themes, one for normal operations and the other for "Night" mode, it doesn't solve my specific problem. The red filter needs to apply to the phones screen itself, not the application. I want to adjust the color tint of the screen, so that if the user wants to exit out of my app, to access information else where on the phone, they can without shocking their eyes with bright white light, and then re-access the app.

I have yet to find a way to access the systems color options directly. The application CF.Lumen allows the user to manual adjust RGB. or even just apply a color filter at a single touch.

I know CF.Lumen applies the red filter in two steps, it first adjusts the entire screen to greyscale first, and then displays the screen in levels of the selected color, so as not to lose detail.

As I have mentioned the current options on stackoverflow, and other places, suggest themes for affecting the application itself. I need something, that may be a little more complicated. Could someone offer some insight into which part of the android SDK I need to research regarding making adjustments to the system color itself.

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