No LED notifications on Note 8


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Apr 17, 2022

First time posting..I joined to ask this question.

So yesterday my Note 8, out of the blue, decided to go bonkers. I had to replace digitizer and screen and I even replaced back glass too just because....Wjat happened was it went to a black screen and stuck in factory reset loop really fast and I had no way of turning the phone off. No matter what I tried the phone would not shut down so I had no choice but to move forward with the repair with the phone in its current state.

Everything went smoothly but sadly I lost got totally wiped out being that I opened it up with it in an "on" status..but again..i had no choice.

Anyway, now that Im back up and running I notice my LED indications dont light up. For example the red led for phone charge isnt on. No green for fb messenger or fully charged and none for messages..nor do I get email LED notifications.

Ive gone through every possible setting and everything is checked to show LED notifications...i even did the #*0*# dial and that did nothing..from what I understand a screen is supposed to pop up where I can check LED notifications (or can the note 8 do that dial hack??)..i dialed it and nothing happened.

I go to settings/notifications/LED indicator is set to On...ive rebooted and still no luck...ive gone through every setting I can think of and I get no LED's.

Did I miss a connection when I rebuilt it?!?? If so, which connection? I followed the detailed steps on youtube vid and double checked every connection as I rebuilt it....Everything else is working perfect. Im using it now to type this. Just those dang LED's arent working. Did I get a bad digitizer maybe? It was a new/refurbished one from a local cell phone repair shop. I'll go back to that store monday and inquire about a replacement if no one here can provide a fix.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks for your time to read my post and I hope to hear from someone with a possible fix.

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Jul 14, 2011
Unfortunately it does sound like a hardware issue (if the LED doesn't light up when charging or booting up). You can try to look up for the test mode (may be different for this model) and that would be a sure-fire way of knowing, but another easier one is just rebooting. If no LED comes on, either the diode is dead or the connection is not right. Sorry :(


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Jan 11, 2014
Don't have much experience repairing phones do you?

I've got no idea why you replaced your screen, what your phone did doesn't even indicate a screen problem. The phone going black and into an infinite reboot cycle like that while refusing to power off has absolutely nothing to do with the display, it's either a NAND memory or logic board problem. Also opening up the phone and disconnecting the battery wouldn't wipe the data, the failure that caused it to go black and repeatedly reboot wiped your data. Cutting power to it is what ended the reboot cycle and allowed it to get up and running again which honestly if you had been patient enough to let the battery die would have had the same result.

As to the LED no longer working, I can think of 3 possibilities.

It may be a side effect of whatever failure caused your phone to go black in the first place. It's possible you didn't connect something properly. It's also possible you did more damage via static electricity while repairing it yourself if you weren't properly grounded while working on it. I've worked in an electronics factory, a static charge too weak for a human to detect can damage circuits and cause failures.


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Feb 6, 2017
Welcome to AC!

In settings under display should be a toggle for notification light , if its on then reopen the device to inspect again or can be the display you bought

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