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Aug 12, 2016
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ using Android v 6.0.1. and the very latest version of Spotify For some reason the track and artist information is not getting `pushed` to the car stereo (Lexus IS 300h 2014 model) despite the tracks being played correctly. The very first track I play via Spotify on selection (downloaded or streamed) gets displayed correctly, also if I use the car`s forward track or back track button then it will pick this information up, but after that, it will not update/refresh with each following track. If I use the phone to play music I have loaded from the internal phone storage then the tracks metadata gets updated correctly. I have performed a clean install of spotify and checked all settings. I am also a member of Amazon Prime and used Amazon music to see if I encountered the same issue and I have. So I am lost as to whether this is a problem with Samsung/Android. It used to work a short while back but stopped working recently. I`ve tried unpairing and re-pairing the device but still the problem persists. Can anyone else confirm if they are experiencing the same problem mentioned above? Thanks.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Bluetooth specifies HOW to get data from one device to another - it doesn't specify WHAT data to send (yet), so if you have a phone and car that work correctly together, be glad. Usually even a minor update to the phone stops Bluetooth from working as well.

Some day, Bluetooth will be a full spec (or we'll call the full spec something else - at one time there was no way to send a picture from one carrier to another, because there was no specified way of doing it that all carriers followed) and all Bluetooth devices will work together. But we're years from that - at least.

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