No notification categories in google maps

michael grackoski

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Aug 12, 2018
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i cant seem to find ANY information to help me and all the google support pages are useless,

My notification categories are not showing

when i log out i get ALL the categories showing as shown. when i log in i lose most of them and i was left with "places and people" and "ride share" today after resetting my google card preferences and deleting all my location history i lost "ride share"

I HAVE NO IDEA whats happening and i have tried EVERYTHING!

i know its account related and something with my notification settings, they are ALL on and they have all been cleared and reset both google app and google maps have been disabled and reinstalled more than once.

i did reset my feed card preferences in the google app yesterday and they somehow all appeared for about 3 or 4 hours and when i got home from work i checked it and they were ALL gone again.

i have a feeling there is conflicting information being passed from google to google maps or maybe another google service.

all the notification settings i can find are turned on.

my phone is a Galaxy note 8 but i have noticed when i log into my account on another phone its all the same

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