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nook android epub location


Active member
Mar 26, 2011
I have both a rooted Nook Color (boots off SD card) and a Droid.

I have been unable to access any of the 20 epubs I have on the stock nook when using the android app and have been unble to determine where I can copy them so the app will find them.

I have also failed at transferring any of these books (none acquired thru B&N purchase) to the Droid so they can be read there.

I can pull the card and boot into PON (Plain Old Nook) but ....<G>

Any clues anyone?


Mar 21, 2011
Books should be copied to /sdcard/Nook/MyDocuments/Books in order for them to show up in the app. This isn't completely reliable if you sideloaded the nook app. Might need to fix permissions and even chmod it via adb for it to work. I really don't care for the nook app so I didn't bother.

Failing that, Aldiko is a pretty good alternative reader app.