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Not connecting to Home Wifi/Fingerprint Sensor/Email?


New member
Jun 4, 2014
Not connecting to Home Wifi/Fingerprint Sensor/Email

Hi all I have the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge, which I love since December. Since we came back off holiday have had the following issues (+ what I have done to try and solve):
1. Fingerprint sensor stopped working, when pressing on home button a wave type graphic appears - switched to PIN for now, but any suggestions would be helpful.
2. I am with BTInternet and will now not connect to our home wifi. Took to a shop yesterday and it connected to their wifi no problem,. Have rebooted my modem, hub and phone. Done 'forget' the home wifi and turned phone off and on and put password in again but still won't forget.
3. This morning it's not syncing my email or updating things like Facebook.
Before I hurl it from a great height can you help in simple language please?
Thanks in anticipation.
PS posted this without signing in earlier, so apologies for duplication.