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Not registerd on network

Vijay reddy4

New member
Oct 14, 2016

i have updated my galaxy note 2 to 6.1 then i found it is not good case . again i came back to 4.4. But after dat phone is showing not registerd on network.

i tried below methods
1.settings>connection>more networks> its filed
3.applyed ariza patch n busy box
4.removing sim and inserting 4 to 5 times (some other suggested)

all are failed but in phone status (About phone) it is showing the nw provider name . if i change sim also it is showing in phone status each ntwork when i change sim.
but network status is showing as disconnected.

let me know what to do with this.plerase hlp me
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B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
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