Note 7 vs iPhone 7


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Aug 14, 2014
While this is all true, you need to remember that if the end user can't appreciate the difference, it's all moot.

1080p on a 5.5" screen isn't as good as 1440p to me, but some people honestly can't tell the difference.

That's perhaps the weirdest thing about specification differences. Some things simply just don't matter to some users, it makes recommending devices difficult.
Of course you can see the difference. Went from Note 3 to Note 4 and the screen is definetively sharper in almost all situations.
If you got a 2K screen, take a look at a few 2K Youtube videos and then lower the res to 1080p.
I find the difference espesially noticable in news apps with small photos or videos along the text. I'm taking a lot of nature photos all the time living in Norway by the fjord and I'm appreciating how nice and sharp the photos looks on the screen compared to the Note 3's 1080p.
So I'm amazed all the time how sharp and vivid my Note 4 2K screen is and I'm can't wait so get my Note7 with even better screen. Also looking forward to 4K. Maybe next year when I'm replacing for Note 8 I hope. Wouldn't ever go back to 1080p if I got the phone for free.

If the iphone 7 had a 2K amoled screen made by Samsung, their owners would have been crying of joy. Apple's strong hardware and optimizing capabilities would make it a killer feature and would put the Note 7 in the shadow. That's me only being unbiased realistic, but anyway I'm loving the Samsung Notes..


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Mar 2, 2014
If the iPhone 7 had amoled screen, I would switch instantly. The LCD screen is nothing compared to amoled screen. I am still debating about switching because of battery drain. The standby battery on note 7 sucks. Give or take it is about 5-7% drain overnight. This was the same for my Note 4 but I had spare batteries to replace so I was not worried.


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Aug 23, 2016
... but like most things Apple ... it will probably become a design icon and THE thing to be seen with.

Sarcasm aside, the phone looks like an absolute beast otherwise. I'm awaiting the reviews.
Yeah it looks really nice but I don't think it looks as good as the note 7 though do you?
And are you going to get the iPhone 7?


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Dec 2, 2011
The sad reality is that most iPhone users feel that android will always be far less superior because it doesn't possess imessage and FaceTime. Apples ecosystem is what keeps their steamboat afloat. That and the fact that developers love to update apps on the platform. As long as they can keep those things cohesive they will forever appeal to the masses.

Agreed. Thinkin 30% of the device cost to customer is for the device with the remaining going to the special privilege of using ios. They painted the device 2 new super special colors. You are suppose to lose your mind, spend an additional $100 to get the 128gb just to get the super special new colors. No other mfg could offer up pre orders that start at 3 am eastern. Again lose your mind & be up in the middle of the night to get your pre order in for a company that under orders supply every single year. They pull some stupid crap & all of their marketing works. Its insane.

That irritating marketing crap aside, will be interested to see the camera against Samsung & others. As well as the battery life/processor etc.


Sep 16, 2016
Both phones are excellent. When it comes to functionality and performance i'd suggest the note 7. But i am just going to get myself an iPhone 7 and see how it is. If i don't like it i can easily sell it and get a note 7. iPhones hold their value very well