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Note 8 Wifi hotspot not seen by laptop.


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May 4, 2014
My son and I are both on the same AT&T Unlimited Data plan. He has a Note 4 and I have a Note 8. I am trying to setup aWiFi hotspot for a laptop computer. My son's Note 4 connects to the WiFi hotspot created by my Note 8, but the laptop can't "see" it. Strangely enough though, the same laptop connects to his WiFi hotspot, which was created with the Note 4.

Why would a laptop connect to the Note 4, but not the Note 8? Obviously my Note 8 is creating the Hotspot because we can connect to it with his Note 4.

Had the same issue a month or so ago with my sister-in-law's laptop. Her laptop wouldn't "see" my Note 8 a but connected to her Apple iPhone. Yet, I was able to connect my Android Tablet to the Note 8 Wifi hotspot at that time.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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