OEM messaging app receives some messages


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Jul 11, 2018
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Hey all. I've got an unusual, for me, situation that started just last week. I have an LG G6, T-mobile, that updated to Oreo a couple weeks ago. Last week the OE messaging app, Messaging, started receiving text messages. I had installed Android's Messenger app more than a year ago and have verified that it is still set as the default messaging app.

The OE app has no permissions and even shows that it has used zero data, but continues to sometimes receive messages. In some cases it alternates between apps in the same conversation.

Any suggestions?


Jul 14, 2011
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Are you still getting notified on both apps? If so (and that SHOULD be the case (EDIT: Nope, not getting notified on both, but receiving on both. The app set as default should be able to see ALL of your messages, while other apps might only see portions if they're not set as default. Not sure how this works particularly and apps I've tried behave differently every time, but the default one always gets all messages), just turn off notifications from the stock messaging app (or try setting it as default, then switching back to the other app). Not sure if the G6 has a switch for it or not (or if it supports it) but RCS might also play a part as 'chat' messages are usually handled by the stock app; if that's the case try turning RCS/Enhanced Messaging/Chat Messaging options off. Last thing I'd try is to check if your line is registered as a DIGITS line (not sure why but when I activated mine for the first time it wreaked havoc on my messaging and ended up just deactivating it).
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