On Droid number 2 already...soon to be 3


Nov 7, 2009
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Well I am on Droid number 2 already. Got Droid 1 on release day and Droid 2 the next day as an exchange. My camera was whacked out. I thought it was normal and just really sucky till I played with my wife's camera and hers was fine! Mine left a rainbow effect on everything, even before taking the picture, it was useless. Anyway I have Droid number 2 and I am already unhappy with it. Droid 1 was very solid, but Droid 2 when I hit the bottom left corner of the screen, or the back button, the screen wobbles and taps into the keyboard part of the device. It is very annoying, especially while using the portrait soft keyboard. Once again, my wife's does not do this, it is solid. Anyone else having the wobble issue? I remember one of the reviewers said theirs was wobbly. Also Droid 2 seems to exhibit the talked about lag, where Droid 1 was nothing but smooth in all the transitions and sms popups etc. Man I wish Droid 1 didn't have a faulty camera. Also can anyone recommend a way to backup the whole phone, apps and all. When I took Droid 1 back I had to re download all my apps and it took forever, it would be nice to not have to do that when I go for Droid 3.

Thanks everyone


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Nov 8, 2009
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Boy Genius made reference to a cam issue rite before the phone came out and I believe he said something about a fix for it. I would suggest checking his site (Boy Genius Report) or email him. Im sorry you got 2 bad ones. Hope you get it worked out


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Oct 29, 2009
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Sorry to hear about your luck. Another option is a pay route called My Backup Pro. Never used it so I am not sure how it goes.

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