One Drive: "Make Available Offline" only for single files, not folders


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Jul 27, 2020
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In my OneDrive for Android, I am unable to batch-sync a folder, unlike in OneDrive for Windows. The scenario: I have twenty files in a One Drive folder. In Windows this folder syncs automatically, all twenty files become “available offline” aka they are downloaded automatically to the C-drive. In Android I need to select each individual file to make available offline. I cannot just check the folder icon to download all included files. And they are not downloaded automatically. I have to select all single files individually and then select Make available Offline.

Researching online, I am getting suggestions that my internet may not work, or I need to sign in with the same account. But those don’t seem to be the problem, since downloading the files is not impossible entirely.

Can someone explain this to me? Do I have a subscription issue? Is it an app limitation? Am I just not finding the right setting?


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Feb 5, 2018
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Microsoft states one drive is for sharing files.
It seems they purposely do not state it shares folders.
I'll need to try sharing a folder to be sure from my pc later.
Good luck