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Oct 7, 2023
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I don’t fully understand why OnePlus is doing. I just read the article about the really cool looking OP 11R Red way is being released on the 8th, but only in India. I understand it’s probably both a positional business move and a most profitable big business decision, however OnePlus still have millions of loyal users that spread far past just India. The US gets basically 3 flagship choices. Apple, Samsung, and Google Pixel is not quite there but I included them. Makes it easy to choose but it’s most unfortunate for those who enjoy mobile tech and to simply at least be given the choice. I would have loved to have gotten the new OnePlus 11R. This is a vent post. I read the article and thought I would fuss at OnePlus lol. I truly admit when I first saw the article I immediately felt excitement that was rather quickly crushed. I still use the OnePlus 9 Pro as my daily and the OnePlus Buds Pro 1st gen. I guess if change and stay OnePlus it will have to be the OP 11. Oh how the US mobile market has just stopped right where it’s been for years now. Basically Apple or Samsung and I know for the market as a whole, this is all they want. I digress.

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