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Aug 11, 2016
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Hey there guys! Some of you may know me from my OnePlus 3 Peer Reviews! I hope you liked them if you did read them . Recently I ordered an Orzly FlexiCase and I approached Orzly asking if they would be willing to give me some more accessories for review for you guys! Recently, a package of OnePlus 3 cases, screen protectors etc arrived and here I am to give you my truthful review! (For the screen protector, I also have another brand of one from CaseBase to give you guys an even better comparison) Links to all the products will be in the title of the product name! (It will be red anyway.. All links are to Amazon. Replace the prefix with your countries amazon site.. ie change to .com)

1. [URL="]Tempered Glass Screen Protector[/URL]
Well, let me start by saying this.. I hate plastic screen protectors. If I have to be honest, this is the first ever tempered glass screen protector I have used, and I am impressed. As you may have seen in my first impressions for my Peer Review, I didn't like the pre-installed screen protector and it wasn't aligned correctly which really bothered me. It also made the screen feel cheap and it collected every single fingerprint.

This screen protector however feels exactly like the actual screen of the OnePlus 3 and it has oleophobic coating on it as well, helping stop all the finger prints. This screen protector was the easiest one I ever installed and the instructions on how to install it were very clear and straight forward. Some pictures? Sure!

(These are some pictures of the packaging and what is included in the package)

The glass itself is 2.5d, just like the actual glass on the phone making it a lot more comfortable to use in the hand. It also works perfectly with cases, and I have used the Orzly Grip-Pro case, Flexi-Case and wallet case with the screen protector installed. As you can see in the upcoming image, it looks great!

As I said at the start of the review, I also installed a CaseBase screen protector on to my OnePlus 3 before I put on the Orzly protector. First thing I liked about the CaseBase protector, they provide you with two of them, which I think is a very good idea. However, the presentation is in no way as good as the Orzly One. They put the cleaning clothes, tempered glass etc all in one packet where as the Orzly glass had everything in its own separate compartments which in my opinion shows that everything was thought through. The actual CaseBase glass is just as good as the Orzly Screen protector. It is also 2.5d, however I found that it didn't go around the edges as much as the Orzly one did. It also was a small bit more of a fingerprint magnet, but it still worked ok, it just wasn't my preference.

(Here are some pictures of the CaseBase screen protector)

(In that packaging for the screen protector, there are two Tempered Glass screens)

2.[URL="]Orzly Grip-Pro Case[/URL]
This case has to be one of the best cases I have used to date. It does as the name suggests, it is really grippy. The back of the case has these type of ridges that just stick to your hand. I had my hand nearly vertical before it even started to slide. It is a two-part case meaning you have to separate the case to put it on. There is a soft, rubber inner shell to protect the phone and then there is the hard, grippy shell. The case looks like a bulky case, but it doesn't feel it surprisingly. I really am not a fan of bulky cases so when I first saw this case I wasn't very impressed, but now it is my go-to case.. it just doesn't feel bulky. For those of you wondering, yes this case does protect the camera bump. It actually goes over the bump by a couple of MM which means you shouldn't have to worry about your brand new phones camera glass cracking . The front of the case has a really good lip around the device, and if you place it down on any surface (with the exception of sand and rocks) nothing would be able to touch the screen of the device. I have (with a lot of fear and worry) drop tested the OnePlus 3 in the Grip-Pro case to see the durability, and it survived without a scratch. Only once did the hard outer shell of the Grip-Pro case pop off!

The buttons are a big part of any case, and yes, the buttons on this case are covered by rubber. However, there are little plus and minus marks etc to indicate where the buttons are and there are diagonal lines on either side of the buttons to indicate where they are, however I would still recommend learning where the buttons are positioned before you use this case.

This case comes in a range of colours such as the grey in the pictures, red, pink, blue and silver!

(Some pictures of the grip case)

Overall, I really do like this case. The ports are exactly where they should be, its grippy, its not as bulky as I thought, the build is similar if not better to that of an Otterbox case.. what isn't there to love?

3. [URL="]Orzly FlexiCase[/URL]
If you may remember from the start of this post, this is the case which I purchased for myself when it was on pre-order meaning I have been using it for around 2 weeks. The quality of this case is what you would expect for a gel TPU case, but what surprised me so much was the fact that the ports were just so exact for a device that I purchased on pre order. You often see stories of people getting pre-ordered accessories for their newly released phones and the ports aren't exact or there is a port hole missing etc.

I was using this case in pretty rough Irish country side conditions. I went onto the beach during a storm with the case, and my god the amount of scratches it saved me from getting on the back of the OnePlus 3 was amazing. It saved my phone from getting it's screen smashed after falling out of my pants pocket while cycling down a hill. It really is one of the best, cheap TPU cases out there. This case also does protect the camera which is a really good thing!

The buttons are again, covered, but they do stick out from the rest of the case making them easy to find when its a dark room etc. These cases also come in a range of colours which are Clear (The one I personally purchased), green, black, pink and purple!

(Here are some pictures of the FlexiCase)

4. [URL="]Orzly Wallet Case[/URL]
I personally am not a fan of wallet cases, but I know that some of you OnePlus 3 owners/potential buyers are so lets review one!

Firstly, let me start off by saying that this case also comes in a range of colours which are Black, Blue and Red. At the moment I have the blue case.

It is a leather case, and it feels really good in your hand. There is a magnet strap to open and close the case and an opening for the power button to turn it on/off if the case is still closed. There are also openings for the volume buttons when the case is open.

The case is very bulky for my liking, but then again most wallet cases are. On the inside of the case there are two slots for credit cards, money, business cards etc... hence the name wallet case! The case does protect the camera for those of you wondering, which is always a good thing!

(Here are some pictures of the wallet case)

5. [URL="]Orzly Fusion Bumper Case[/URL]
I received this case a few days ago, and I must say I am impressed. I've purchased multiple orzly fusion bumper cases for different devices ranging from the Nexus 6p to the Nextbit Robin and now, the OnePlus 3. I can really see the evolution in the quality of the cases. The Nexus 6p was very plasticy with shiny sides. The Robin was a harder plastic with matte sides allowing better grip. The OnePlus 3 is all hard plastic, with rubber on the insides and it definitely is the best one so far. The rubber allows there to be a lot more protection available to the device which is a good sign! The case does add quite a bit of grip. I love the fact that in the four corners of the device are little stands which allow the phone to stay raised on the back, which you are able to see in the pictures I have attached! There is quite a good bit of a lip around the screen which helps keep it off a surface if the phone is face down and if will allow you to protect it from drops a lot better!

Overall I really love this case. Ports are exact, it's grippy, not bulky and it's cheap for the amount of protection it adds. I 100% recommend this case!


And thats all I have for you guys at the moment! I have to say kudos to Orzly for getting this cases out so soon after the launch of the OnePlus 3, and also thanks to them for allowing me to review them for you guys! I really enjoyed testing them out! Hopefully I have helped you guys who are debating if you should get an accessory or not and maybe even have gotten a few of you to purchase one! I 100% recommend the accessories!!

If you have any questions please feel free to PM me or comment below!



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