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Mar 31, 2013
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Where did you get the preserver at? Best Buy?
Yes, I'm still using the Element case. I did take my phone out the other day and put it into the UAG and it felt like I had a brand new phone. So much thinner then the Element.
Let's see some pictures of the preserver.

DirtDawg in AZ

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Jul 12, 2014
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Having just activated my new GS5 a few days ago (purchased off-contract), getting protection for it is essential. So I've been reading related thread posts here and decided to register, post a few questions and learn some more...

I'm particularly interested in one like this Otterbox Preserver, not-so-much for waterproof qualities but instead to avoid dust intrusion. One of my passions living here in the mtns of AZ is 4WD offroading, which I do 4-6 times per month with my local jeep club. A smartphone can get knocked around plus trail dust is everywhere by end of each run. This case appeals to me to protect my spendy delicate device. The OP's review comments also intrigued me on continued call clarity and ease of use compared to other "full protection" cases out there. I'm open to other product suggestions with stated objectives in mind.

One question I have relates to his comments on using the GS5 optional wireless charging feature in combo with such a case. My total experience with smartphones has been just one device - the Palm Pre+ I've been using for 4.5 yrs since new on a grandfathered Verizon program which offered unlimited data plus 5GB of free 3G mobile hotspot per month. I hated the phone but loved that program plus the old Pre+ was croaking and needed replacement. OK to the question; as most of you likely know, Palm developed mobile hotspot technology as well as wireless inductive charging too. I still own (3) of Palm's "Touchstone" charging docks which are quite compact. Will those work with the GS5 charging back? If so, it would seem a great solution for the issue described by the OP shown below.

I was worried about the wireless charging thru this case. The back of the case is recessed from the outer rim and the Samsung charging plate is also concave. I placed the phone on the charger and it started cycling thru the "detected wireless charging" cycle, beeping each time it thought it was just placed on the charger. I rotated the phone 90 degree's so it looked like a plus sign, same thing. I had an old wireless pad made by Koolpad and sold by fonesalesman on Amazon. This seems to work well, the plate is slightly smaller than Samsung's plate and it has beveled edges which helped with the recessed back of the Otterbox. I charged it overnight and it was fully charged this morning, the battery peaked at about 94 degree's, which is good since it's a fully enclosed case and I was worried about heat build-up. In comparison, the oem back cover and oem charger were around 98-101 degrees when charging.
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