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Outlook for Android not showing Calendar reminders


AC Question

Just got a new Samsung S8+ and am trying to get outlook running. On my old phone (S4) I simply used the Android email app, and it worked ok, but would much rather use Outlook if I can get the calendar functional.

The issue I'm having is the meetings are not giving me an actual on screen notification when a meeting comes up. On the android email app, 15 minutes before I'd get an on screen notification similar to an alarm that would tell me I have a meeting at X time. I've found the notification section in Outlook for Android and set it to 15 minutes. I now get a sound only, but do not get the on screen notification that I need, the one that allows you to snooze, dismiss, etc.

What do I need to change to get this to give me a full fledged in your face notification for meetings/calendar items?

I've tried a few things. 1) Deleted and re-added the account, 2) uninstalled Outlook and reinstalled, 3) Gave Outlook full permissions to calendar and everything else.

Really liking the phone, but this is very frustrating.

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