Overview list for same app with different name between Android phones?


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Apr 26, 2022
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Hello all!

My name is Erik and I am totally new here. I am a Swedish IT basics teacher for grownups, right now I am leading courses for the elderly in both Android- and iPhone courses. My question is this:

Is there an overview list for when the same type of app have different names between Android phones? What I mean is, for example the pictures/photoes app, used for storing your pictures and photoes taken with your camera/downloaded pics on the Sony mobile is called "Album" but on the Samsung mobile it's called "Gallery".

What I could use is a list of all these different names for the same basic app and their different names from Android to Android, because during course it very much hinders me explaining stuff easily when talking about apps.

Thank you! //Erik.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! I'm not aware of any formal list of the various stock gallery app names. Probably most important to know would be Google's gallery app, which is called Photos, but they also have their stripped down Gallery Go app that appears by default on their Android Go phones (Android Go is a stripped-down version of Android for underpowered budget phones).

It's also worth clarifying to your students that the gallery apps don't actually store the photos -- think of them as simply a viewer. The photos are stored in their own directory on the phone's storage (typically /DCIM/Camera). The system scans the phone's entire storage for photos (not just /DCIM/Camera) to build a database, and the gallery app uses that database to display the photos.