Phone hacked? Please help !!!


Oct 29, 2013
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Hi guys I really need some help. My dad was in hospital over Christmas and in a bad way. On the 31st of December T-Mobile are saying that at 4am he accessed 13 videos from his phone (galaxy s3 mini) and he has been charged for 6 of them directly to his phone bill at ?5 each.

Now my dad was heavily sedated at that time and wouldn't know how to find porn on his phone even if he wanted to, but T-Mobile are adamant that he has done this. So I went through his data usage and from the 26th December to the 2nd of January his phone used 8mb of mobile data. 7.5mb of this was a game I downloaded from Google play and the rest were 100kb here and there. None of which was used by his browsers, stock OR chrome.

We have contacted the company which charged the phone "safari mobile" however they are very rude and insist he must have done it.

So after my insistence that his phone has not visited or downloaded from their sites they have now told me it was actually an iPhone that accessed the pages not an android device. Mozilla /5.0 iphone;cpu iphone os 6_1_3 like mac is what they sent me to show it was an iPhone.

I need to know if it is possible that his phone was in someway hacked where someone using an iPhone was able to clone his number to access the sites and run up these charges?? It may sound far fetched but none of us have owned an iPhone for years. It does so happen as well that across from my dad in the hospital was a large Nigerian bloke who was never off his Mac.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Alex

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Mar 10, 2014
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He could have easily set up a fake wifi hotspot with a spoofed log in page ie. "Enter name password etc" and grabbed the info that way. Quite easy to do in a public place. Or gotten someone to click on an innocent looking link that would invisibly install spyware (which is easy and free for crooks ro obtain, it not only logs input, but allows hacker to capture screens, turn on cam and mike, etc.

Change password, scan for spy/malware, (the latest spyware will often evade detection), and be careful when using public wifi. That "free" hi speed Internet might wind up costing you plenty. There are several free wi fi analysis apps you can use.

Most importantly, educate yourself on threats and security, the crooks do.

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