Phone keeps muting calls and hangs up??


Jul 31, 2011
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Ok so it goes like this

Call or person calls me
I put phone up to my ear (screen is suppose to turn off)
Screen sometimes does not turn off so if I am holding the phone with my shoulder to my ear then most of the time it mutes, hangs up or, puts the person in a small square screen on the left of the phone I can still hear them but they cannot hear me.

Only way I have fixed it so far is when I am calling a person or after I answer I press the lock button on the right side of the phone to make the screen dark.

However if I get a call during a call then the screen lights up again if I am holding it with my shoulder and it will either mute the current conversation, answer the incoming call, or hang up on the person I am taking to.

Any way to fix this any thing I can turn off?

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Open Dialer, tap Menu, then Settings, then Call Settings. Is there an option to keep the screen on or off during a call?


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Feb 4, 2011
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Okay, here is a way for you to stop that nonsense w/o having to change any options.

When you receive a call and it is solidly in progress, Double Click the Power Button.
that will put the screen into Privacy Mode and it won't turn back on again until you cancel that feature with another Double Click.

2nd suggestion: Verify that in Developer Options, Stay Awake is not checked.

3rd, turn off Smart Stay if it is enabled

4th, check the Screen Mode.... I am using Standard, have no idea what happens with the other modes.

5th, turn off all Animation type stuff if it is on. Especially Motion Detect where you wave your hand over the screen to do something.

6th, turn off Air Browse

Hopefully, by the time you go thru all of that, something will fix things for you.

7th...... and the Real Fix..... use Bluetooth, that will absolutely put a stop to all that nonsense guaranteed.... I will buy you a box of donuts if it don't.

I have a Plantronics earbud that works very well.

However, my favorite is a Blue Parrott truckers headset with a noise cancelling boom mike.
I always leave the phone in my shirt pocket and use the BT headset for any conversation that is going to last more than a minute.

The S5 will lock onto a BT headset in a heartbeat even while you are talking to someone. I do it all the time.... just as soon as I realize that "hey, this talk session is going to last a while" I pick up the BT headset and press the Power Button and it locks right in and the audio transfers to the BT in about 5 seconds....

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