Phone rebooting and/or shutting down between 50-30%.

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Hi I have an HTC 10 and recently the battery is being spent very quickly. Today for instance it shut off and I read about re-calibrating the battery so I have charged it from 0% to 100% left plugged in for an hour then removed the charger and started to use it. I will repeat this process again.

It literally lasted 3 hours. I used it with wi-fi for about 1/2 hour and it reduced to 50% then all of a sudden it restarted. (sometimes it restarts and stops and restarts again and goes off completely but this time it didn't). When it restarted it was on about 48% and quickly drained to zero in around 10 minutes and I used the mobile data connection as the wi-fi seems to knock it out. I'm now recharging from scratch to 100% and will leave for an hour before unplugging.

I did disable some apps (instagram/some google apps) as I really don't want most of them on my phone but I have no way of uninstalling a lot of them.

I have the HTC boost and also AVG anti virus on the phone.

This battery used to last about 2 days when I first got it and 3 hours is just a joke. I could go out with 50% battery and use the phone all night and still have 20% left but now it will deplete very quickly.

Any ideas? The phone is only 2 years old.


Feb 23, 2011
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You're far from the only one this has happened to. Normally a bad battery causes a sudden shut down with no reboot/bootloop, so I initially didn't think this to be the issue. After reading other accounts, it may be the battery after all and just a quirk of HTC that it starts to bootloop. This thread may be of help.

One member shows how to reset the battery sensor (not the same as calibration), which may be worth trying. There's also a link to an XDA thread on the issue.

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