Phone Temp and Battery Life


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Jul 23, 2022
Hi, just upgraded from a Samsung S10+ to a Pixel 6 Pro, had a decent deal on Prime Day which included the Pixel buds.

Initial impressions are very good, love the camera, screen, responsiveness, and pure android experience.

Only downsides are that it seemed to be charging very slowly, even when using a brick that my $10+ did consider a "fast" charger. lv purchased the Pixel 30w rapid charger from Google and think this has really improved things.

But now my main concerns are battery, while don't think it's lasting as long as it should, I'm hoping that this improves when adjusting some settings, use AOD but have turned off the song recognition feature. With maybe just above moderate use was seeing the battery fall from 100 to 35 over 8-9 hours while was working, on 5g and also sharing hot-spot.

Also, the temperature of the phone does concern me as it does feel significantly warm while using it in hand and if go into the camera see the message "device too hot flash has been turned off". If check Accubattery, it shows temp as around 43c (109f). Is this normal, do other people get this message often or at all.

Just wondering if the device is OK before contact Google.


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Mar 9, 2012
Re: Phone Temperature and Battery Life

Welcome to Android Central! Do you have 5G turned on, and if so, how's the 5G signal in your area? 5G does use more battery than 4G, and if the 5G signal isn't great, that will further increase battery use as the phone tries to boost the signal.

Since T-Mobile's 5G still isn't great in my area (heart of the Silicon Valley but still lousy 5G, go figure), I just keep 5G off. 4G LTE is still plenty fast for me, and the battery savings is a nice benefit.