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Oct 4, 2014
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I need a photo gallery that always displays the file name of each photo while I browse. I am building widgets using Zooper Pro. I've collected lots of stuff to use, like shapes and textures, icons and whatnot. When I'm adding a bitmap to a widget, I can't see the file names, and the thumbs are zoomed in. Its too hard to pick what I want. Example: I've got 50 docks, but the thumb is zoomed in on the center. Impossible to see the full shape of the dock, and no file names displayed its guessing game.
I've sifted through some third party photo browsers, all the same, same problem.
Can anybody help? Or recommend a browser?

Samsung Galaxy S4

PS: My third attempt to get help via a forum, in all time. Previous attempts years ago. I have no patience. You gotta sift through previous threads to avoid redundancy? No, I won't do that. XDA had 18000 pages in the noob thread. I sign up, find the proper thread, ask a concise question, never gotten an answer. Thread too old, question too stupid, idk, idc. I just want to post a question. XDA was a horribly frustrating ten minutes lost. I come here and see 'new thread' option. If i did it wrong, idc. This is my final attempt at forums. Give me some faith in like-minded internet communication. Even a hello.

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