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Jul 19, 2011
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How can I use photos on this phone? I have a ton of photos that used to live on my Pre (about 500) and I'd like to port them to my new Photon. I started by creating a "photos" directory on the SD card, attaching the Photon to the computer with a USB cable, putting it into "USB Mass Storage" mode ("Charge Only" didn't seem to make the phone's storage available to the computer) and copying over three folders of photos.

Now I have about 100 photos on the Photon (or on the SD card) and I can see them in the Gallery App under "my library", but instead of being 3 albums, it is one giant undifferentiated mass of photos.

Can anyone help me with this? Should they be in internal memory? Do I need to use some other app? Is there some magic naming convention for folders to make them albums?



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Jul 30, 2011
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The gallery app is junky on android. Download "quik pic" free from the market. Its fast, ad free, and it shows folders first then pics inside the folder.
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