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Pick my 6P replacement


Oct 22, 2014
I have a Nexus 6P that came with the 2000 mAh battery option.

Battery health is 60%. About 2055/3450 mAh is what I'm getting. So that is said tongue in cheek. Sorry for confusion.

Love the phone. Love the quickness of the fingerprint reader. The camera. And stock Android. Et Al.

Not loving the battery life.

I plan to sell it, so, your thoughts are welcome & appreciated.

Huawei Mate 8 or 9?
One plus 3, 3T?

Not considering a Nexus 5X (even though I loved mine for the 2 days I had it) because of the boot loop problem.

Currently I feel the pixel is overpriced and overrated. Unless you convince me otherwise. Also I don't want to go 0 for 3.

What else should consider?
ZTE Axon?

Thanks to those who are in the same boat and chime in.
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Nov 1, 2013
I'd get the midnight black 3T. Very good phone at a reasonable price and plenty of custom roms. Only cons I can think of are front fingerprint sensor and bottom firing speaker.