Picture messages showing as blank text boxes in messaging?


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Feb 3, 2016
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Hey guys, I have had a Galaxy S6 edge since last September and had it disconnected for about a month due to excess of payment ;D, it was connected again about two weeks ago and for a while now I've been having problems with incoming picture and voice messages, they will arrive, I'll see the downloading bar for a second and it'll turn into a blank box with just the time it arrived, if I go to options and click on Album, I can see the picture perfectly, but not in the actual message like before, and voice messages won't show the play button or anything, just the blank box. My phone wasn't the only one which got disconnected and connected again and their phones are fine so I don't think it's my carrier. My mobile data is on and restarting it doesn't help. Anybody have any ideas?

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