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I have just started using a Pixel XL (not the Pixel 2 XL, just Pixel XL) and I am unable to get ANY notification of email, calls, or texts on the screen when the phone is off (not shut down, just plan off.)

I have gone through the settings many times. The "Blink light" setting is toggled on. The individual apps all have notifications enabled. But I have never once seen any LED notification of anything. Is there some trick to get it to work? Hard to believe this isn't an option. I suppose the LED be broken, but that seems very unlikely.

Any ideas?

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Any power-saving apps installed? Is the phone on Pie or still Oreo? Pie seems to have introduced some issues with notifications not coming through all the time when the phone is asleep. Are you still getting audible notification tones while the phone is asleep, but just no LED notification?

J Dubbs

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Jun 4, 2016
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My notification light and notifications are working great on my original pixel running pie. But I upgraded from nougat to Oreo, then to pie straight out of the box, and I did a factory reset after the pie upgrade. Right before I factory reset I checked a few things out because I wasn't sure I wanted to bother with the reset since the phone was brand new...... but I noticed a few things acting up so I went ahead and reset.

It made all the difference in the world...... the phones working spectacularly, amazing battery life, I'm getting all notifications when they come in no matter how long the phones been idle, the phones lightning fast, and I haven't had a single issue on pie. It's working better than nougat on my last phone, especially Bluetooth. Pie has the best Bluetooth I've ever used on an Android device.

Also when I factory reset it changed the home screen slightly and the setup options were different than the upgrade from Oreo to pie.

I think a factory resets a must to get the best out of pie ;-)

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