Please school me on SIP and SIP Sorcery


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Dec 1, 2010
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I have a rooted DX and have really enjoyed finding ways to tinker with my phone to get additional benefits from my device. Previously, I have been getting completly free VOIP calls by running the hacked version of Skype that allows for functionality over both 3G and Wifi. I paid $30 (so not completely free) to Skype for an annual unlimited calling plan to all of North America. The quality is pretty good over 3G and even better over wifi. However, when I call people, my number shows up as unknown. I could pay Skype for an actual #
($60) to remedy this so that people could call me back, but I've held off for now. If someone wants to talk, it is easy for them to text me and I can call them back since I don't always leave my phone on 24/7.

Recently, I decided to play around with SIP technology as a way to have an alternative to Skype and to have a reason to tinker. I already had a Google Voice # and set up a free account at Then I set up my Google Voice # to forward all calls only to my sipgate #.

I also downloaded Google Voice Free Forwarding app from the marketplace and configured that so that whenever I make an outbound call via the standard dialer or through my CSIPSIMPLE widget, the call will pause, google voice free callback will intercept the call and allow me to talk to my desired # completely free with no minutes used. The drawback is that it can take 15-20 seconds for the call to go through and the call quality doesn't seem to be as good as when using Skype---both on 3g and wifi. But, to be fair, it is completely 100% free calling and cheaper than Skype.

Recently, I had the opportunity to acquire a Gizmo5 account and a Sip Sorcery account and am curious to know how I can use these to enhance my sip experience on my android phone.

I know there is a plethora of info on both of these services, so I don't expect anyone to hold my hand or reinvent the wheel. However, I just want to know what some of the possibilities may be.

Since I already have Skype and already have a sip service setup through Google voice, sipgate, and Google Voice Callback, will Gizmo or Sip Sorcery allow me to have a better experience in terms of quality, ease of use, or quickness when it comes to connecting the call.

It looks like Gizmo my have some integration through Google Voice that other #s don't offer but does it really offer any major advantages?

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