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Plz Help: A few Questions Android TV Box

Tashfeen Akahmolik

New member
May 15, 2018

I purchased an android box and have been testing & playing around with it for a the past few months now and finally got it working stable and I couldn't be happier but there are a few things I still dont get yet, Im hoping someone can help with.

Question 1
One issue I am having is taking advantage of some context menus & functions like using the colored shortcuts like the yellow, green, red ones found on many screens however I don't have them on my remote, can they be selected with a standard IR remote?

Question 2
Is there any way to edit/modify the default home screen? I know I can install another launcher but mine is not that ugly, I'm just wondering if I can switch around/remove a few icons/tiles on the default one.

I did order a touch-pad/keyboard but haven't received it yet, I'm not really sure if it will solve this issue I bought it more for typing characters but it has alot of options but I don't see any colored buttons on the listing, I can send link if needed but its a popular one on ebay with back-lit keypad

Is there an "all-in-one" remote or are seperate remotes/air-mice often required..?

Thanks in advance

X96 Mini
+Android 7.0
+STB EMU (Pro)
+Premium IPTV Subscription