Possible to invert home button function ala WebOS?


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Dec 29, 2012
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Hi there, I'm a former Palm Pre user and PreCentral member. I loved WebOS but the Pre's hardware and app development left a lot to be desired. However until Android 4 I had no interest in switching as the interface was previously clunky and ugly to me. I recently upgraded to a Sprint Galaxy S3 running Jelly Bean, and the hardware thus far is excellent.

What I've realized though that bothers me about Android vs. WebOS isn't the lack of "cards" although those would be nice. Given the app switcher function of the home button, this accomplishes much of what cards does. However, the home button works in what is a counterintuitive way to me. When you press it once, it takes you to the home screen, whereas you have to hold it down to get to the app switcher and even worse, you can't swipe the app you're in away without first going to the home screen or another app. I don't need to go home nearly as often as to another running app. Is there a way to invert this; i.e. pressing the home button once brings you to the app switcher whereas holding it down brings you home? And how about the ability to swipe away the currently active app from that screen? Those simple changes, which seem obvious, would save a lot of time and button pressing. Thanks in advance for any guidance!


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Apr 8, 2012
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Had my palm pre 3 years. I miss it but the Galaxy s3 is much better but to answer your question. Long story short. Nope

Check out wave launcher in the play store though it brings the good memories of the Web os days back.

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