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Posting Suggestions/Format Please Read


AC Moderator All-Star
Nov 25, 2010
Going to try something different here folks. A general Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Rooting and Hacking subforum. We will let you decide over time how this will works out.

1. Make sure when making a new thread in here that your title includes the CARRIER your posting about. Examples below.

[SPRINT] Odin doesn't recognize my device
[AT&T] Can't boot into recovery
[VERIZON] How do I flash a custom kernel?
[T-MOBILE] What ROM do you like best?
[US CELLULAR] Superuser not sticking

Sound good? Stick to this format and we should be okay.. Break this format and there could be trouble.. Again its something different were gonna give a try in means of subforum layout ;)

Enjoy and happy rooting & hacking my friends!