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Hey ladies and gentlemen I pre orderd my blue 512 gb note 9 yesterday through att and the said it should ship by September 4-7 should I be worried that I’m not going to receive my phone on the 24th or has any one else had this problem this is my first pre order for a phone and the guy at att said I would probably get it a day or 2 early but no guarantee also I’m coming from a iPhone 7 Plus so I really can’t wait for that 8 gb of ram


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Nov 21, 2012
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Yes the blue 512 GB are backordered pretty much for every carrier/unlocked if you order now, if you ordered day 1 when pre order opened you have a chance of getting on launch day but now it's too late. If you want it soon then you might have to go for 128 GB ones or purple 512 GB which haven't sold out. Obviously might vary from carrier to carrier but you should see the approximate delivery date on check out.

Pre-order doesn't mean you get on launch day if the stock sells out and that's the case with 512 GB ocean blue. If you still want blue 512 GB, just keep your current online order and check out if you can pick up one in store when it releases on Friday and then cancel the online order (doubt there will be much 512 GB stock in store even if they decide to sell that in store but doesn't hurt to try).


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Sep 13, 2012
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You could also try going to your local corporate ATT store to try and snag one. I know my local store always has extra units on hand for non pre order.


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Oct 20, 2011
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I ordered the 512 last week from Att and it said the 4th-7th. I figured I'd just hit att on fri to see if I could snag one and if so then cancel my order.