Privacy and Data Security (noob post)


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Feb 15, 2011
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Hello from a very new member. I just got my T-mo MyTouch 4g 10 days ago and before that, I had a 8-9 yr old Nokia dumb phone... so I am new everything about this device. I am learning fast though, but am at a loss when it comes to privacy and data security.

Is there any place you can recommend for me to read up on how to protect my data and privacy on this new phone?
I am concerned about how unlocking the phone unlocks everything, and the app lockers that I have found so far are easily defeated... one didn't even persist through a reboot. I am concerned about whether things I delete are securely deleted and if there is a way to makes sure that when I delete something, it is unrecoverable (as programs like Eraser do for PCs by overwriting free space over and over making data recovery impossible).

Overall I want my phone to give up as little information as possible if it is lost or stolen. I also want to be able to loan my phone to a friend or client without them being able to poke around everywhere. Any ideas?

(And I am aware that nothing is really secure and my carrier and/or Google will have records of everything. I am concerned about protecting business and personal info from strangers, thieves and employees, not the government or my carrier.)

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