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Jan 8, 2013
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My device is only 3 months old and I have from the start, had a problem at times logging in to websites. I get an error message about authentication of the proxy server.
Samsung insist that I send it in for repair which can take up to 6 weeks!. I feel that since its new I should get a refund or a replacement. Why would anyone buy an expensive item only to have to be without it for 6 weeks!
I wish I had pruchased the ipad after all!!
If Apple products have issues, one can simply go to an Apple store to get it seen to - no having to send it in, repairs are done right away or a replacement is offered. The convenience is so much better and the products too
Never again will I purchase a Samsung product!!!!


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Dec 28, 2012
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Should have had it checked right away, bought a warranty that replaces it no questions asked, or suck it up and send it in. Are you telling me every apple device that is sold works perfectly? Bull$h1t. You may have got a bad one. Get rid of it and get something else, you won't be happy until you do. Come one here a describe the problem 3 months ago and you would get a bunch of help. Come on here and say it's a piece crap and you''ll never buy another piece of Samsung crap again, how much help do you think you will get?

Describe your problem, post some screen shots of the errors. Will that piece of Samsung crap do that? (That's a lot of sarcasm for those about to attack me ;) )

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