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I am using a samsung galaxy s5 mini and have backed upp my photos via google pictures, my contacts and whatsapp backup.
Until now I have used a google account that I signed in with another mailadress (not gmail) and this was my username. Yesterday I created a gmail adress with the same account not nowing that the username will be replaced by the new gmail adress. I can still login with my old mailadress but the accoibt name changed.
As a result my android phone is not finding all my contacts longer (onli 79% -i guess those that are also saved att my mobile) and if I open the pictures app there is no backup and it wants to backup all pictures. Iam afraid there arent all pictures on my mobile longer as I've deleted some that where already backed upp with the old account.
Once you have a gmail adress you cant delete it withour deleting the whole account as I understand.
Do you have any ideas how i can get back to my old backups?

Mr Bojangles1

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Oct 29, 2019
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I'm confused about how creating a new account affected your old one. You have 2 accounts now, completely separate. And when you log into a Google account you use the email, not the username. But log into your original account and then do a Google search for Google dashboard. it shows everything associated and backed up to your account.

Hope I understood what you were trying to say. Also you can change the name on your account too

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B. Diddy

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Welcome to Android Central! Are you saying you're using the same Google account as before, but just created a new Gmail address for that account, and now the contacts associated with the account no longer show up?

On your computer browser, go to, log in with your credentials, then click Personal Info and then Email. Do you see your 2 email addresses there (look under Alternate Emails for the secondary address)?

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