Problems After Data Transfer with Kies


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Feb 28, 2014
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Long time lurker... Really appreciate the help I get on this forum and others so I thought I'd share my problem and how it was solved.

A few weeks back, I broke my screen and was sent a new phone as a replacement. I used Kies to transfer data from my old S4 (M919 running 4.2.2) to the replacement (also M919 with 4.2.2). I immediately noticed random issues with the new phone: 1) Wifi would take a long time to enable and sometimes wouldn't even turn on; 2) Touchscreen would stop responding to gestures and/or remain dark until a restart; and 3) random restarts.

I think I hard reset and did the data transfer dance 3 times before finally deciding to try a hard reset without transfering the old data using Kies. Since then, my phone is working like new again.

Moral of the story... Don't use Kies to transfer data between devices. Even if they are the same model and firmware.